What is ICT?

Information and communication technology is an integral part of our lives. It helps us take advantage of the use of technology, and information in communication that makes our lives easier. Almost every aspect of our lives is affected by the trend in ICT.

Do you support ICT Integration in SMEs?

Yes, our researches are available for use by anyone regardless of business size. Even other professionals can use our research so they can improve their own processes. We are fully supportive of those who are trying to take advantage of the use of ICT in their own agenda.

What other Efforts do you Implement?

Aside from continuously doing our research, we are also working with the government and other interested parties in implementing the processes we have come up with. We are also in the forefront of ensuring that our implementation meets the standards and the requirements set.

How reliable are the data you used?

We have collected data from a large sample to ensure that the results will be representative of the population we are trying to interpret. We are also ensuring that we keep other factors at bay that might skew the results. We are very proud of the integrity of our data and our processes.

What other studies are you currently conducting?

Aside from BRICK, we are also conducting post-mortem assessments on our projects to ensure that the theory we have come up with in our studies are correct and reliable. This is to ensure that we can cover broader topics that people care about.

What other sectors are you working with?

We mostly work with the government by providing them with researches on ICT and how it affects the lives of the citizens. At the same time, we are also working with other institutions to bridge the gap between the use of technology and maintaining traditional methods.