Impact of ICT in the context of our life, the Society, and our chosen professional track

robotsFirst of all ICT is a very important aspect in our daily lives because it makes our work easier and faster. It is very important for us to engage in ICT because the world of technology is really moving faster, now that we are in the 21st century. We cannot let our selves to be behind with the modernization of our world, nor we want to be updated of what is happening not only in our own community but also across the globe.

There are so many things that ICT contributes and help to us human beings, such as;
● we can now communicate with our love ones in abroad.
● we can start our business through online or what we call online business whether in facebook, instagram and other social media sites.
● we can watch our favorite videos online through youtube, vimeo and other applications. These are only some of the contribution of ICT to us human being.

This contribution of computer technology had a huge impact to the context of our life, to our society, and our chosen professional track. The impact of computer technology nowadays in the context of our life can be seen through the way of living of the people in one community or society and its very undeniable that social media nowadays had a great part in our daily lives especially here in the Netherlands. We cannot resist even one day to not post a status update in facebook, twitter, instagram and etc; the reason behind this is that we’re used to it and we consider social media as our daily habit and part of our daily living.


Improving computer technology also has a huge impact in our chosen track. If one chose a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) course, this also leads to medical courses and currently the medical field is undergoing modernization, and technology related techniques which are the contributions of ICT are being used to make our work easier, faster and hassle free. The main goal of ICT is to improve mankind’s way of living, thus leading to its success.